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brand facts

Coca Cola was once made for a Russian General,

Coke’s global expansion was once expanded during the time of World War 2 when bottling plants were erected specifically to handle the demands of supplying the Coca Cola to overseas men’s.

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personality facts

Twinkle Khanna founded Digital Media company ‘Tweak India” for Indian women to challenge old ideas and discover new ones on health, welness, career etc.

health facts

3 carrots gives you enough energy to walk 3 miles, and they were first grown as medicines and not food.

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brand facts

Baskin Robbin’s logo depicts a large B/R which doubles the number to 31. It means that customer wil get a chance to explore a new ice-cream flavor everyday.

personality facts

Achal Bakeri Borrowed $15,500 from his father and founded Symphony Limited in 1988. Bakeri became the richesst person in the world from near Bankruptcy in 2002.

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health facts

To keep your body healthy and mind relax:

  • Drink lots of water on a daily basis.
  • Eat natural foods.
  • Always thinks positive.
  • Exercise on a daily basis.
  • Set a routine to sleep at least 8 hours on a daily basis.

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interesting brand facts

Pepsi got its name from digestive enzyme pepsins. It was originally launched to treat the digestive enzyme of the stomach.

personality facts

Ajay Bijli was Handling Father's Priya Theatre, A hollywood Producer introduced him to an Australian Production House named "village Roadshow". Together they formed Priya Village Roadshow (PVR) in 1985.

Health facts

We are born with approximately 300 bones and cartilage which eventually fuse together by the time we reach adulthood.

factsstats knowledge

I Love to help people in guiding them towards the right direction

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factsstats facts of the day

snapchat facts, funder, evan spiegal
oyo facts, ritesh aggarwal facts, interesting facts
  • Ritesh Aggarwal is known as Li Tai Xi in China
  • Evan Spiegel has once rejected an offer from Facebook to buy Snapchat for $3Billion
  • World’s youngest CEO were two brothers who were just 10&12 years old
  • Red Bull has the highest market share among any energy drink in the world
  • Full form of UPS is “Union Parcel Service”
  • August has the highest percentage of births
  • Beer has 42 Teeth
  • The average person falls asleep in 7 minutes
  • 11% of people are Left-Handed
  • Unless a food is not mixed with Saliva you can’t taste it
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Facts about brands

Mr. Sakata, the founder of the fountain decided to manufacture the fountain pen in Japan after one of his British friend gifted him the fountain pen.

facts about health

The most common cause of death for men in USA is heart disease, the same as for women, the average age of first heart attack for men is only 66 years.

facts about personality

Elon Musk became the self-made Millionaire in 1999 only at the age of just 27, by the age of 47, his networth had already surpassed the $1Billion mark.

facts about animals

Only half of the Dolphin’s brain can sleep at a time as the other half come up for air so that it doesn’t drown.

facts about technology

Ajanta is the World’s biggest wall clock Manufacturer. The father of wall clock, Odhavji Patel was the Founder of Ajanta Group. He was a teacher at RS. 55 salary a month.

facts about marketing

Jeff Bezoz founded Amazon in his garage on July 5, 1994. His parents invested $2,45,573 in Amazon in 1995, Now Amazon has a net worth of over $30 Billions.


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facts did you know ?

82% of consumer Internet Traffic will be Video by 2021.

Inflencer Marketing is a $1Billion industry on Instagram.

Google and Facebook earns more than the World’s Traditional media outlets.

You Tube has a higher engagement and lower Bounce rate than Twitter and Facebook.

Philadelphia cream cheese was first invented in New York city in USA, and it has never been produced in Philadelphia.

Tropicana once invested around $35 million to rebrand their orange juice packaging.

Domino’s once came up with the offer in Russia to distribute 100 free Domino’s pizza to everyone who will tattooed their logo on their body.

Despite Apple’s recent success in marketing, latest statistics shows that WIndows PC has the highest market share with 90%.

KFC in Japan is so popular that Japanese have made a traditon to eat KFC every year on Christmas day, the popularity of KFC is so high that the customer places their Christmas order two  months  in advance.

Women’s first started shaving their arms in 1915 and legs in the year 1940.

factsstats random facts about the world

Factsstats 27 strange facts about life

Full Mutual Funds Explained

Factsstats Facts about Games

prince of persia, facts, gaming facts, factsstats, factsdaily, did you know, ubisoft facts

Award winning “Ubisoft” Montreal studio which have created Assassins Creed have decided to launch ” Prince Of Persia” the game which is in development for 3 years is back with a whole new epic journey, the “Prince Of Persia The Sants Of Time is expected to be released in January 2021.

FAU-G which is also know as Fearless and United -Guard is expected to get releasednext month, possibly by the end of October. The game co-founder Vishal Gondal has suggested that the game is under development for quite sometime, the game has been developed by nCore games under the membership of Akshay Kumar.

facts about game, facts about games, fifa 21 facts, factsstats, fifa 21, easports facts, gaming, ps4, Xbox one, factsstats

The Fifa 21 game features list doesn’t have many new features as it contains the same Career mode, Ultimate team and Volta all returns in the new easports Fifa 21, along with incremental gameplay features. THe release date of Fifa 21 on Ps4 and Xbox one is 9 October, 2020, two months after the next-generation versions.

facts about game, resident evil facts, resident evil 8, fcatdaily, factsstats, gaming, ps facts, factsfor life

Resident Evil 8 which is also known as Resident Evil Village will be officially released in 2021 on PC, PS5 and Xbox series. Capcom has a callenge to face to bring some truly game changing wih Resident Evil 8 as so much expectations is being desired by the fans.

factsstats shocking sports facts

factsstats amazing facts of world

world facts, ancient egypt wepet renpet, facts of world

In the Ancient Egypt, the New Year celebration was called with the name Wepet Renpet. Wepet Renpet means the beginning of the new year. Wepet Renpet was different from year to year, it took place during the annual flooding of the Nile river, which usually take place in the month of July.

The first living creature on space was the dog named “Laika”, in the year 1957 the Soviet Union sent out the first satellite, Sputnik into orbit around the earth. They have sent the another satellite, named Sputnik 2. On board was a dog named called Laika.

facts of world, leaning tower of pisa facts, facts daily

Did you know that the Leaning Tower of Pisa could not stood up straight, it leans over 4 degrees to the side, when the third floor was actually added, no one could figure out why it is not standing straight,. Scientists eventually determine that the reason that the tower leans is because it was made on a soft clay.

mountain chain facts, underwater facts, facts of world

The world’s longest mountain chain is underwater is Mid-ocean Ridge, it is almost entirely beneath the ocean, stretching across a distance of 65,000 Kilometres, It said that the mountain chain can be explored than the surface of Mars and Venus.

factsstats interesting facts about india

facts about india, golden temple facts, amritsar punjab facts

The Golden Temple which was located in Amritsar, Punjab India feeds a vegetarian meal to over 1,00,000 people a day regardless of their religion, class etc.

India Ranks 1st in terms of the wettest place in the world, Mawsynram the village located in the Khasi hills region of Meghalaya. Meghlaya has experienced the highest number of rainfall in the world. In the year 1961, Cherapunji, the city located in Meghalaya have witnessed the highest rainfall in a calendar year.

facts about india, diamond facts, interesting facts about india

Diamonds were first found and extracted in India. They were found in the alluvial deposits in Guntar and Krishna district.

facts about india, khumbh mela facts, interesting facts about india, space facts

At the time of Kumbh Mela, the Grand Picture Festival of India, the gathering of people was so large that the crowd can visible from space.

30 interesting facts about india

factsstats mind-blowing polar bear facts

polar bears, polar bears facts, knowledge daily

Polar Bears are actually black not white, although Polar Bears in appearance looks white, but their fur is actually translucent. It only seems white because it reflects light, providing disguise in the snow.

polar bears facts, polar bear fact, facts on polar bear

Polar Bears are huge in size, they are around 7 to 8 feet long and about 4 to 5 feet tall. A large male Polar Bear weights around 1,700 pounds and can be tall as 10 feet while standing on the ground. On an average Polar Bears live around 25 to 30 years.

polar bear facts, polar bear knowledge, facts daily, polar bear extinct

Polar Bears are always have a fear of getting extinct. In 2008 also, Polar Bear becomes the first Vulnerable species to be listed under the U.S Endangered Species by the international Union for Conversation Of Nature.

polar bears facts, knowledge daily, summer polar bear

Polar Bears can experience overheating despite the coldness, while Polar Bears can withstand -50 Degree Celsius temperature in the Arctic, they become prone to overheating during the summers when temperature goes above the 20 Degree Celsius.

factsstats amazing facts about dinosaurs

dinosaurs facts, facts about dinosaurs, daily facts

Dinosaurs held their bodies over their legs like rhinoceroses, and they also use the sprawling gait like crocodiles.

There are several type of Dinosaurs. some Dinosaurs are herbivores, meaning that they only ate plants, and than there were some Dinosaurs who are carni vores, meaning that they only eat meat.

Dinosaurs tend to be significantly taller than any of the widlife present on the Earth. There were Dinosaurs who have a height of 40 feet and higher, there are some Dinosaurs who are very small in size, they have a size of minimum of 1 feet.

facts about dinosaurs, dinosaurs facts

Today, there are no Dinosaurs left in the planet as they all have become extinct, meaning they all have died millions of years ago.

factsstats mind-bending facts about dreams

facts about dreams, human facts, human psychology facts

Human Beings spends around 6 six years of their lifetime in just dreaming things about.

facts about dreams, human and alcohol facts

People who quit smoking and alcohol, experience heavier nightmares and dreams.

facts about dreams, plato facts, dream facts

According to the research done by Plato, the liver was the organ where dreams are created from.

Many inventions such as invention of Google, the Periodic Table and the Sewing machine were inspired by the dreams.

factsstats mind-blowing facts of science

neverwet, superhydrophobic spray facts, facts of science

“Neverwet” is a  superhydrophobic spray that can coats many different surfaces and creates a liquid-repellent coating which keeps them clean, dry and also free from any kind of germs or bacteria.

Boeing's microlattice facts, facts of science, facts about science

Boeing’s microlattice is the lightest metal ever made. It is 99% air, but still retains structure and it could be used to conserve fuel on future planes as well as vehicles.

IKO Creative Prosthetic system facts, facts of science, facts about science

The IKO Creative Prosthetic system allows kids to modify a traditional prosthetic hand into whatever they can dream up with lego bricks.

magnetic ferrofluid facts, facts of science, facts about science

When magnetic ferrofluid comes into contact with any magnetic object, it takes a shape of moving Sculpture that reflects the shapeof the object’s magnetic field.

factsstats interesting facts of space

venus, planet, facts, planet facts, space facts

The hottest planet in our solar system is Venus. Venus is seccond planet from the sun, it is named after the Roman Goddess of love and beauty.

space station, facts, space facts

The international space station is the largest manned object that is ever sent into space.

coca cola, facts, space facts

Coca-Cola is the first and only commercial soft drink which is ever consumed in space.

earth, facts, space facts, interesting facts

Only 5% of the Universe is visible from our Earth.

factsstats amazing facts on earth

facts on earth, facts about, fact do you know earth,

If you drilled a tunnel straight through the Earth and jumped in, it would take you around 42 minutes to get into the other side.

facts about earth, fact on earth, fact do you know, earth and sun facts

It takes around 8 minutes and 20 seconds for light to travel from the Sun to the Earth.

facts about earth, fact on earth, fact do you know, earth and sun facts

There are more living organisms in a Teaspoons of soil than there are living people on the Earth.

facts about earth, fact on earth, fact do you know, earth and galaxy

Our galaxy contains at least 2 Billions Planets like Earth.

30 amazing facts about indian army

facts about animals

facts about

facts about history

Koala spends at least 80% of the time sleeping or resting.
Antelope renew their horns every year.
Black Panther
Black Panther prefers to hunt at night rather than during the day.
Chicken contains more than 200% of fat as it has contain in 40 years ago.
Coconut water can be used in emergency situation as a substitute of Blood Plasma.
Honey is the only food that can never decompose as it can last for 3000 years.
The Natonal Library of Swden has a 16th century book which can be readable in six different ways.
The Speyer wine bottle, fund in Fermany in the year 1867. It is the world's oldest wine.
During 1850s it was founded that the disease Cholera which have killed more than 10,000 peoples were spread by Bad Smelling Air, until a scienist named Jon Snow determined that the water was the culprit for deaths.